New Impression Share Metrics in Google Ads


Google has introduced 4 new metrics to the Google Ads platform. They allow you to see exactly where your ads are appearing on the page.

But wait, Average Position has been a metric for as long as we can remember – and this shows us how our ads are ranking on the page?

Average Position only rates our ads in comparison to other search ads on the page. So in theory, you could be the first paid ad, but you actually show at the bottom of the page below the organic results. Ever have an Average Position of 1.0, but an strangely low CTR%? This could be why!

So what are these new metrics?

· Search Top Impression Rate: This is the % of time your ads were displayed above the organic rankings.
· Search Absolute Top Impression Rate: The % of your impressions that were gained in the absolute top position.
· Search Absolute Top Impression Share: The % of time you showed in the absolute top spot on the SERP compared to the amount of times you were eligible to appear here.
· Search Top Impression Share: The % of times you showed above the organic results compared to the amount of times you were eligible to appear here.
And like the other impression share metrics, we can also add in columns to determine whether any lost impression share is due to rank, or budget. This should help us to improve our position on the page.

Why are these metrics useful?

As we draw closer to Black Friday, it’s going to be more important than ever to understand where your ads are showing. When we want to maximise our traffic and sales, appearing in the absolute top position is going to be the key to driving maximum visibility. During peak, these metrics should be reviewed on a regular basis to check whether there’s any headroom across your best performing keyword sets.
It also encourages us to look at the SERP holistically, and move one step closer to a fully integrated SEM approach.

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