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I've worked within digital marketing agencies for 4+ years, across a variety of different verticals. But without a doubt, I'm particularly passionate about retail. My current role as Head of Biddable Media Strategy not only means that I stay on top of the latest news, but also ensures I'm continually developing new best practice and biddable media plans. So it seemed incredibly fitting for me to start my own retail marketing blog. Not just to cover industry updates, but to include thoughts from my own experience to help get others thinking and talking about all things retail!

How Green is your Brand?


This Thursday, H&M will be launching their new sustainable fashion line, Conscious Exclusive. The range looks to utilise eco-friendly materials in their bid to help make our world a greener place. What eco-friendly materials are these, you may ask? Well, you may be surprised to hear that this season we’ll all be wearing food waste. 🍍🍊 Yes, you heard it right! Pineapple leaves...

It’s Time To Challenge Gender Stereotypes!


Friday 8th March is International Women’s Day, and this year we’re being challenged to consider how we can help forge a more gender balanced world. How can we raise awareness of gender bias? The consideration of women’s issues is perhaps more important to us as marketeers than most. As people in a position of influence, where we push out messaging, imagery and ultimately ideas to the public, we...

Using SA360’s Inventory Management


Compared to most verticals, the retail industry is incredibly fast paced. With a constantly changing product focus and an active trade calendar, it can often be a challenge to keep up!  This is particularly prevalent within paid search, where there’s the requirement to keep both keywords and copy as up to date as possible in order to deliver the best returns and to align with the wider...

Personalisation, Personalisation, Personalisation


There’s been a lot of talk recently about digitisation of in store experiences. You may have read my last blog about the Kroger/Microsoft partnership that aims to take stores into the digital age.  Whilst many bricks and mortar retailers have come under threat (HMV springs to mind), others have found opportunities to evolve by providing high quality online to offline experiences, which...

5 Ways to Measure Facebook Awareness Ads


Now more than ever, the retail market landscape is noisy and crowded. So how do brands ensure they’re being heard amongst all the commotion? The answer lies in strong brand awareness activity. Awareness activity provides retailers with the opportunity to showcase their brand at its best. To put forward their true brand tone of voice, to be creative and colourful, and to feature their newest and...

New Impression Share Metrics in Google Ads


Google has introduced 4 new metrics to the Google Ads platform. They allow you to see exactly where your ads are appearing on the page. But wait, Average Position has been a metric for as long as we can remember – and this shows us how our ads are ranking on the page? Wrong!Average Position only rates our ads in comparison to other search ads on the page. So in theory, you could be the first paid...