Are Your Paid Ads Driving New Customer Footfall?


Update! Google Ads now let’s you segment your store visits by new and returning customers.

Most PPCers are well versed in the power of store visits. This key conversion point within the Google Ads platform enables retailers to bridge the gap between online and in store by attributing physical footfall back to the influence of paid campaigns.

But now, advertisers can go that one step further in understanding the complex journeys customers take from device to doorstep.

So where can we find this data? Simply click on segments in Google Ads, drop to conversions and add in ‘new vs. returning customers’.

And what next?

Understand the value of you campaigns for new customers.

It’s a no brainer that new customer acquisition is fundamental to brand growth. Obvious, right? So naturally we should be paying close attention to those areas that are most successful at driving new customers into stores. By delving into the data at a granular level, advertisers can understand the types of keywords and ads that resonate with new users and lead them to pop in.

And don’t forget our returning customers!

We often take for granted that our paid search campaigns drive returning customers, particularly when it comes to brand. Yet our loyal customer base is often the most valuable, and so it should be super important to understand the types of queries that they make and how our ads shape the journey that they go on to take.

Maybe users are conducting product research online before heading in store to purchase? Or perhaps we’ll find that customers pay a visit after failing to find items online? Whatever the results, advertisers should then be able to optimise journeys to better assist their customers.

Finally, we should also consider setting variable goals for our campaigns based on the type of action they drive.  Let’s look beyond online sales and push towards wider business goals.

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